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CPE Presentations
2013 CPE Material

Ethical Considerations for Senior Citizens (Ethics)
PowerPoint Slides          
Beanna Whitlock, EA, CSA (2 hours)

Affordable Care Act
PowerPoint Slides
Beanna Whitlock, EA, CSA (2 hours)

International Tax Overview for Individuals
Susan Graham, EA (2 hours)

The Business of Taxes
David Williams, Chief Tax Officer, Intuit (1 hour)
Course material not provided for publication - please see binder

Identity Theft and the IRS
Shannon Vernieuw, Special Agent
IRS Criminal Investigation (1 hour)

Personal Damages
Robert Hansen, EA (1 hour)

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
Bob Bethea, EA, and Jim Elles, EA (1 hour)

What You Want to Know About 2013 Taxes
Greta Hicks, EA (2 hours)

What You Can Do Online at sss.gov
Diane Owens, Social Security Consultant (1 hour)

IRS Collection Update (Powerpoint on fresh start - not really used)
Art Gandara, Director IRS Gulf States Collection (1 hour)

Systemic Advocacy Update
Rena Girinakis, Director, Systemic Advocacy/Local
Taxpayer Advocates (2 hours)